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Wrona-Miller Guitar Patent 6,884,932

Wrona-Miller Guitars With Patented Truss-Rod

Gallery Of Previously Sold Instruments

Ray Davies

Ray Davies and Glen Miller

Left: 1962 Epiphone Olympic, First Year, Mint.
Center: 1961 Olympic 3/4.
Right: 1964 Epiphone Olympic w/ tremelo.

1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom, 20th Anniversary, Rare!

*New For 2012*
Reverse Moderne

Left: 1969 Gibson Everly Brothers, Very Rare, only 488 produced.
Right: 1971 Aria Everly Brothers Copy, Near Mint, One Owner.

Early 1961 Gibson SG (Les Paul Special) 100% Original Parts.

1954 Gibson Les Paul Jr.

1979 Gretsch White Falcon Stereo.
Mint Condition.

Gretsch Pink Princess

Left: Mid-50’s Premier Custom, Entire Guitar covered in Red Pearloid.
Right: Early 60’s Airline Res-O-Glass, Near Mint.

Left: 1965 Epiphone FT-79 Texan, 100% original, altered head stock.
Right: 1977 Ventura V-25, One Owner.

1939 Gibson L4.
Mint, One Owner.

1960 Gibson ES125TC.

1965 Gibson Melody Maker Cardinal Red.

1966 Gibson B-45 12N, Repaired Top Crack.

Left: 1943 Epiphone Ritz, Rare! 
Right: 1939 Epiphone Broadway Masterbilt.

Left: Late 40’s Regal Recording King, 100% Original.

1947 Epiphone Emporer Masterbilt, Mint.

1969 Gibson SG Special.

Left: 1997 Squire Vista Series Venus, Courtney Love Model, Mint. 
Right: 1996 Fender Jag-Stang, Limited Issue 50th Anniversary Edition. Mint.

Gibson ES-355 SVTD Guitorgan.

Gibson Les Paul 12 String.

1969 Epiphone Casino.

1953 Epiphone Triumph.

1965 Gibson Melody Maker Double.

1961 Gibson Melody Maker Single Cut.

2006 Epiphone Map
Limited Edition.

1965 Gibson Melody Maker Double (#2).

1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Whitey Kirst).

1983 Gibson Kalamazoo Made Les Paul Pre-Historic.

1957 Epiphone Zephyr Cutaway.

1968 Gibson J160E.

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