Vintage Ebony Tailblocks

Vintage Ebony Tailblocks
Vintage Style Ebony Tail Blocks For Gibson Guitars With Maestro Vibrolas.

Here we have exact reproductions of the very rare Gibson ebony tailblock as used on 1961 to 1963 SG's. These are exact in specifications in every way. The third photo shows a vintage gold plated 1961 tail / vibrola and you can see the original studs (and the corresponding holes) used to mount the ebony block. If you have an original and are missing the block, this will be an exact fit. Since I know many of you won't have an original tail / vibrato with the studs but would like to use the ebony block, I have shown a way of mounting the block on any guitar that uses a vintage style bent spring tremolo. (Many SG styles, Melody Makers, Firebirds, Flying V's, Epiphone Olympic's, Coronets, Crestwoods, etc.). The 4th picture shows a piece of thin plastic with some double stick tape on it. There are 2 rows of holes so that the piece will fit either the flat mount or U bent mount tailpieces as shown in the various pictures, one picture also shows that it would fit on some vintage 12 string models that used the same tailpiece as on the double neck SG models. By putting the plastic piece under the tailpiece bolts, you can then stick the ebony block onto the double stick tape for mounting without drilling or damaging you guitar. One row of holes is for the flat mount tail and the other row is for the bent U shaped mount. I have shown the tail piece on a few vintage guitars to show you how it will look on some various models.

The block is solid ebony with vintage style pearloid inlays as were the originals blocks made in the early sixties. A real vintage block will cost you at least $400.00 if you can find one. Here is the chance to get an exact reproduction that has never been available anywhere before. I will also include one of the adaptor plates along with every tail block to make mounting the block easy.

All tailpieces are priced at $79.00 USD each.
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